There are many benefits to meditation.  Taking time each day to practice can help bring healing to the mind, body, emotions and spiritual levels. Below there are just a few of the many different methods and practices of meditation for you to experiment with.

Living From Your Heart Meditation

Our most precious relationship comes down to the one with the Divine. Spiritual practice helps the relationship with God or Source, reveal new blessings.

The Practice of Daily Sufi Remembrance

Sufi remembrance is the practice of opening yourself up and surrendering to the Will of God/ Source in your heart… a place of divine connection, safety and light.

Ho’oponopono Meditation

This video is a powerful exercise for forgiveness and clearing in your life that can effect all areas of your reality.

How to do the Sufi Remembrance

Sufi Remembrance is a core meditation practice that helps you to clean your heart from any illusions, pain, or suffering and to open to the Divine love.

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