The Practice of Daily Sufi Remembrance


The Practice of Sufi Remembrance

Deep inside we are all looking for a deep state of connection, oneness, a depth of understanding of God. The Spiritual Practice of Sufi Remembrance creates the opening for each of these to become reality. The Practice of Remembering the Name begins to remove old thoughts, old patterns and things in our spiritual heart that hold us back from the deep state of Union, of Divine Oneness that we desire.

What is the Practice of Remembrance and How Do I Do It?

Sufi prayer beads for remembrance meditation and sufi healing
The practice of Sufi remembrance is the practice of opening yourself up to the Divine Mercy, The Divine Grace, coming into your life. Remembrance is the surrendering to the Will of God in our hearts. This is the place of Divine safety inside your heart. This is your surrendering to the Light. This is the place of beginning with no end.

To begin, start by sitting in a quiet place and become calm and close your eyes. Take your attention to the inside of your spiritual heart. (This is located in the center of your chest) As you do so, begin to look for the place of Unity inside of yourself. Take your time, be patient, and feel this space inside of you, this place of safety, a place of light. It can appear in many different ways so find your own special place. This is your place of goodness.

The next step in this ancient practice is to take your attention into this safe place in your heart and repeat the divine name for God used by Jesus in the original Aramaic, Allah. (Ah laaah). Start by just saying Ahhhh. Say Ahhh several times. Feel the vibration in your chest. This vibration is the opening of the deepest part of your heart to the Presence of God. After you have noticed the effects of this vibration continue by repeating the whole name, Allah, Allah, Allah, over and over again.

To Further Your Practice

To further practice this go inside and ask yourself, where am I in life? How am I feeling right now? Notice the responses you get. Now with that information take your attention deep into the center of your heart. This special place is called the Eye of your heart and this is where your focus during Sufi Remembrance will take place.

Once inside the Eye of your heart begin to repeat out loud the name Allah. Repeat the Name over and over again. Notice what is going on inside your deep heart. Are you seeing pictures, hearing voices, or feeling things come up? If so, this is the beginning of the experience of your own being. From this deep cave in your heart continue to remember the name Allah. This is the bringing of the Divine Light, The Divine Truth, into the deepest part of you. As you continue to recite Allah, this Light comes into your deep heart, purifying you, cleaning you, and revealing the Truth of Who You Really Are.

A Few Tips

How do I find the light in my heart? The key to finding the light in your heart is through divine and sacred Language. These languages bring forth the vibration in the heart that begins to create the opening to enter into the reality of this Light. This vibration begins to open us to the Truth of God and put aside the false picture of God that we have created. We have been given the name Allah that carries this special vibration and opens the deep part of our heart

How do I find the Eye of my heart? Start by bringing your awareness to your chest, go inside your chest to find the place where you feel love, where you feel the truth, the love. Again be patient and look. This place is the Eye of your heart.

It is suggested that when you are repeating the name Allah, that you emphasize the A in Allah put a sukun at the end (lighten the h).

Some Encouragement

In the beginning when you hear the voice of the light (sometimes this is hearing a voice, or seeing a picture, or have feeling of love etc.). This is the voice of God through the Angels. Listen for this voice. Turn your ears to this light and listen. What do you hear? What do you see? What do you feel?

If you are struggling to hear or see anything don’t be discouraged. Continue to listen deeply and practice. As the remembrance of the Name Allah calls in this Sacred Divine Light these pictures and voices will begin to be cleared and cleaned and this is the doorway to experiencing peace, love, and mercy.

Do you have any experiences with this practice?  Leave any comments or questions below.

Cindy Yasmine