Sufi Healing

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Sufi Healing is based on ancient Sufi practices. Sufi’s believe that all healing happens through the heart. Sufi’s access the inner dimensions or levels of the heart to provide healing on the physical, emotional, spiritual and soul levels of ones being, with the most profound healing happening at the soul levels.¬†The Sufi Spiritual Healing process is different than other healing processes in that it truly works with cleaning your soul, which is the essence of your being.¬†The soul is the hidden place where spiritual diseases manifest first before they are seen in the physical form. With Sufi Spiritual Healing, you will learn, through gentle guidance, how to open and deepen your heart and to access those areas in your heart where healing needs to occur.

This allows for deep physical and emotional healing that leads to connecting and knowing the deep love.  This work will help you to develop skills to continue this process on your own. These healing practices help transform stuck issues at the core, healing through the body, mind, heart, and soul.

Benefits of healing are improved emotional and physical health, release of unwanted patterns, expanded spiritual connection, overcoming obstacles, and living in joy and love.

Certified Master Sufi Healer

Divine qualities for spiritual healingI have recently been Certified as a Sufi Spiritual Master Healer by Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, MD.  I am now offering groups, teaching aspects of this system and helping others with using these practices in both their life and work. This method of healing is by far the most powerful and transformative method I have learned and used. It goes deeper than just healing of the emotions, this method actually cleans and purifies the heart and Soul. It centers around cleaning negative memories and experiences that we store and carry within us.  It cleans, purifies, releases, and replaces in us our Divine nature and qualities.

This system of healing makes rapid change both inside you and in your outer world. The teaching is on the Soul level, what Source/God wanted you to understand about the experiences you have lived and walked through. They need to be opened, cleaned, washed, and replaced with the Divine Qualities.¬† The qualities are our Essence, our true nature that have been all along, but covered over or veiled by life.¬† It’s like the blue sky which is always there even when it is cloudy outside.¬† So too is our true Divine nature always there behind the clouds.¬† As we heal, we learn to live and create from our deepest authentic Self. ¬†To learn more about¬†working with the 99 Divine Qualities and helping people both experience these and embody them, click here.