Mission and Vision

A Vision For Our World

At the heart of my work is a desire to help people connect with a sense of Oneness within themselves and to radiate it out into the world. This is done by learning to access, in the depth of our being, a sense of peace, clarity, and vitality. Much like the blue sky that is always present, even behind all the clouds, so too is our true nature, our authentic Self always present and accessible in the depth of our heart. Once we learn to access this energy and continue to expand into this state of flow, we can move through life with greater ease and joy and allow this current of informed, intelligent life to carry us to our greatest potential.

Often this process involves releasing the barriers that keep us from experiencing the essence of who we are. We are so much more than we know or think we are. By dissolving what no longer serves us, we are better able to be with the ever-unfolding possibilities that await us. Our healing depends on our ability to surrender and relax into the stream of life and consciousness that lies just beneath our experiences and conditioning, and on our ability to drop into our hearts and bodies to allow our Soul to live in us.

My latest passion and work involves assisting people with “eyes open” meditation to awaken the capacity to be attuned spiritually while participating in life. While it is important to be able to meditate with eyes closed, the true Meditation of our time is to be fully alive, connected, and carried in the stream while being present and aware, with eyes open. In this state, we can experience the expansive depths of who we are while interacting with others, allow these frequencies to be embodied and radiated into the world, and help ourselves and others heal.

These are exciting and dynamic times. We are moving beyond the individual and are consciously participating in the evolving consciousness of the collective. This collective field is growing, expanding, and transforming at the same time that we are. In this coming year, I believe we will see and experience many changes. The current of life will continue to strengthen and inform us. To meet these changes, we need to be consciously attuned to what we wish to be in the world. Like a radio dial, we can choose to tune ourselves into the One Station – the Oneness, all there is, the mystery, or God – and in doing this contribute to the unfolding of our world.

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I wish you love and light on your journey.

Cindy Libman