Building Connection In A Divine Relationship



Building Connection In A Divine Relationship:

Divine Relationship:

Let’s start by understanding what a divine relationship is. A divine relationship is one in which we learn to relate to each other in a deeply spiritual way.
What is the difference between a divine relationship and any relationship?

Many people are in relationship but the relationship is human, which means you may be relating to the person from your ego, from your small-self, this self operates to serve its own needs. In a divine relationship we are going to go beyond the need of the small self, to the deeper needs of the heart and soul. Learning to understand these deeper, spiritual needs and how we can actually have those needs met, is the basis for having a divine relationship.

As many spiritual teachers have said, “What you carry inside your heart you will manifest and be created on the outside.”

 The Importance of Divine Connection:

A divine relationship offers endless love and support that emanates from the divine itself through your heart into your beloved’s heart. This can join you together in a state of caring and nourishment with each other. While trying to get the love from your partner may be difficult at times, it is always available from the Divine and from your connection to the Divine. Your partner may or may not be able to give you this love, despite trying as hard as they can. Thus, we may get disappointed, angry at them or feel very hurt.

On the other hand, we can learn how to connect to the Divine first. Connecting to the place where you receive the love and let yourself be filled with the love, rather than going to your partner looking and searching for them to fulfill your need for the love.  You can also go to your partner or beloved and be able to give the love.

The highest jewel of our human experience is the connection of the intimate love between two people. When you have that, you have a very powerful relationship. The depth and the love of sharing and beauty that you can have between you is remarkable and profound.

How Open Is Your Heart?

Close your eyes and go into your heart. The heart center is in the center of your chest.  Now focus on the inside of this heart-center  and ask yourself these questions:

  • What is a divine relationship?
  • Are you living that now?
  • What would it take for that divine relationship to establish itself inside you?
  • What needs to change?
  • Are you holding your relationship with the divine/light/God?
  • Do you know what it is?
  • Are you listening to it?
  • Are you following it?
  • And are you surrendering to it?
  • Do you know how to maintain this connection?
  • How strong is your connection?
  • Do you accept what guidance comes to you inside your heart?

When your heart is connected to the divine there is love and support that emanates from the divine itself through your heart. Then your heart and your beloveds heart are joined together in a state of caring and nourishment of each other.

The key to this is inside your own heart “what you carry inside your heart you will manifest and create on the outside.” So, if your heart has been closed off to the love you may not have a relationship. Whereas, if we learn to open the inner-heart and find the love, it will then grow and will automatically be reflected back and bring a relationship back to yourself.

Opening the Door to Your Heart:

An exercise of opening the heart:

Imagine that your heart is like a door that opens and through this door we can connect to God. As we do this we may encounter some wounds, pictures, image, or feelings which are present and keep our heart blocked or closed. We can learn to cleanse and purify this and open the door of our heart more deeply. (This will be shared in future articles on clearing). So let’s get started:

  • Bring your attention down into your heart center in the center of your chest.
  • Moving your awareness, you’re sensing your feelings into the whole heart center.
  • Know and feel what is there. Is there any fear constricting?
  • If you can, just try and relax and explore what is inside yourself. Take a few minutes here to explore what is present in your heart, in this moment.
  • And then write down what comes up. Things might and normally will come up, for example: I’m afraid, I don’t know how to love.
  • Now imagine the heart can be opened, more and more to the love and the connection with your partner.  Notice again what comes up
    1) Do you say yes or no?
    2) What is keeping you from opening further to your partner.
    3) Identify blocks or voices that you’re aware of.
  • So now we’re going to go to your heart again and this time we’re going to ask you to connect to the divine/light/God.
  • We’re going to ask for help in making that connection inside yourself, we’re going to open to receive the love coming down from the Divine.
  • We’re going to ask to be filled with this love and have the love inside of our hearts. (If you have trouble at this time filling with the love, we will learn how to clear these barriers and blocks so that you can do this over time).

Some of the things we may find in our hearts, such as our memories from our past, childhood or feelings of not being loved. These feelings are stored in the heart much like the rings that show the yearly growth of a tree. The layers of the heart contain everything that has ever happened. As we can heal those memories and open more to the love and the deeper connection, we begin to really heal and be able to hold the love in our hearts.

Connection to God brings in the knowledge, love, fairness and truth. This light shines down and we get clarity about what is being asked for from us. This connection to God/the Divine/light is a resource of love, strength, and truth. The closer you go towards God/source/Oneness the closer you can come in your connection to your partner and in other relationships. This connection can become holy, deep and sacred.

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I will be writing about Commitment in the weeks to come. Looking forward to sharing more secrets of the Heart and Soul of Divine Relationships with you.

This is the beginning of a series that was originally based on the teachings by Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe on the Seven C’s of Divine Relationship.

Blessings, Cindy