Kind Words From My Clients

Thank you for all your beauty. I find it amazing how we can come together, not knowing each other, and share our hearts and souls in warmth and acceptance.
What a pleasure it was to be with you this weekend. I am so grateful for the gifts you shared with me. I learned more than I could ever have imagined. I’ve already tapped into our group energy and will never be alone again.
What an incredible three days! Meeting all of you and having the experiences we shared definitely fed my longing but has also increased it. I have also been drawing on the group energy and its amazing that it continues to be so.

Energy work has been a very powerful and mystical experience for me. I’ve done lots of my own therapy and I’m also a therapist. Other forms of therapy have been helpful in unburdening lots of pain, hurt, fear, and worthlessness. But I was still struggling using other forms of therapy to heal because some of my old burdens are from when I was really young, preverbal. With energy work, Cindy has helped me to get in touch with a part of me that doesn’t have words or thoughts, just feelings. Traditional talk therapy just wasn’t enough to get in touch with this. And I’m so glad that I have. I haven’t healed this preverbal stuff yet, but I can tell we’re getting close and I’m very happy for this very young part of me that suffered in childhood…. I hope that energy work can have the same effect on you. Cindy is a pleasure to work with. She’s totally accepting, open, and has a great sense of humor. Most of all she’s incredibly intuitive, some might say psychic. Her intuition has helped me to open doors, to connect to things, and to see and feel things I may have not otherwise. And amazingly I’ve noticed my own intuitive powers blossoming. Thank you Cindy!

Thank you for showing up with your unique gifts to share. I have taken a leap of faith to leave a bad job and leap toward happier, albeit unknown, territory. Thank you everyone for your inspiration and encouragement.
Cindy is an amazing energy healer and teacher….this has truly been one of the best three-day workshops I have ever attended. Thank you!
The workshop was just what I was looking for. I appreciated the group, the way Cindy worked, the comfort and safety of the work we did, and the support we received.
[All aspects of the training] interplayed and balanced so well.
[I feel] more grounded, centered, and on path.

Hi, my name is Haley and I just met with Cindy Libman. I wanted to deal with some anger I was experiencing and Cindy asked me where it was located. I told her it was in my heart. She helped me go “into” the anger, identify it and then helped me”let it go”. After my session with Cindy, I kept telling my mom, “I feel so much lighter”. “I feel so much better.”. On the drive home, I told my mom I wanted to sing so I started to sing and all these interesting sounds kept coming out of my mouth and my mom who is a sound healer was so proud because she told me I was continuing the process of releasing and this was supporting my healing. Cindy made me feel really safe, I trusted her and I feel so much better. – Haley

My greater understanding and openness to energy work will enhance all of what I do [as a therapist].
I developed a greater awareness of myself and others and a deeper spiritual connection to my work.
I enjoyed your calm, warm presence; this made the work more accessible.

Cindy Libman is a gifted therapist, teacher, energy worker and healer. Cindy has helped me process through major blocks in my life. She has done this by tapping into the energy of those limiting beliefs, old patterns and past experiences and allowed me to see the beauty as well as feel the pain of my life choices. Her process is enlightening, expansive, and transformational. My life has shifted. I now understand what it feels like to be connected and tuned into my soul purpose. I have also just completed Awakening Your Light Body with Cindy Libman. This journey has been transformational for me. I have never felt so peaceful, blissful and filled with light. This experience has awakened a deeper understanding in me about “Connecting to the Oneness” of life. Thank you Cindy, you truly are the Jewel in the Lotus Flower. – Carolyn Vinup

I also loved the music, the meditations, the demos,, that you share wholly what you know, as well as your down to earth way of explaining it.
[I liked best] being in a healing environment – the non-judgmental, generous, cooperative energy, and the encouragement to be the person you are.
After doing years of therapy, it was nice to think of different ways to deal with my issues, and very nice to feel like I have new tools.
I enjoyed and learned a great deal from observing Cindy work with an individual.
[I liked best] the wonderful group energy. [The experience] was fabulous.
It was very hard to say who {what} I liked best because it was all so wonderful.