The Heart And Soul Of Divine Relationships


The Heart And Soul Of Divine Relationships:

This is the beginning of a series that was originally based on the teachings by Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe on the Seven C’s of Divine Relationship. 

I will be writing in depth about each one of these aspects in a separate blog post.

The Seven C’s of Divine Relationships.

Using the tools of Spiritual Healing, Dr. Jaffe provides methods that can help us all find the love in our relationships. These tools can help transform all relationships, including family, friends, loved ones and even co-workers. These seven C’s bring truth, light, love, and joy into our relationships:

Connection:  We practice and learn to always maintain a heart-felt connection. First, to connect to the higher light of Divinity within the relationship, and then to our partner, family member, friend, or co-worker.

Commitment:  We learn how to make a real commitment to love, to the relationship, and to speaking from the love and truth.

Caring:  We learn to extend love straight from our heart to the heart of another. We discover the secrets of giving and receiving the love from the deeper heart, so that each person’s Real needs are fully met.

Communication: We practice communicating effectively and with the love in every situation. We develop the art of active listening, which allows us to truly hear and understand the underlying and unspoken needs of the other. Loving communication and deep politeness can bring harmony, love, and peace into our relationships and household.

Clearing:  Sometimes things come up that need to be cleared in order for the love to continue to flow. We can learn to clear these blocks and barriers that are often the source of pain and separation.

Containment: When difficult patterns or habits come up and we can’t break free, we learn how to “contain” with patience and love all situations. Even the ones that may take time to change. We learn how to hold the other in our hearts.

Communion: In Communion, we learn to come together in love as one Heart and one Soul. When two hearts merge together, the relationship becomes peaceful and full of love.

When both partners in a relationship begin to follow these seven steps, real love, peace, and intimacy begin to grow. Through these teachings, the essential love can blossom, turning your relationships into one of the most beautiful and valuable aspects of your life.

Here are a few steps You can take NOW to begin to nurture the 7 C’s.
  1. Take a few minutes each day to practice coming from a place of love, feel your heart and encourage the love to grow. Start from wherever you are, just get the flow of love going. Think of something you love like a sunny day, or a sleeping baby, whatever opens your heart to feel love.
  2. Try some active listening with others, listening to really understand them deeply.
  3. Practice patience and love, turn the love toward yourself, especially when you are having a hard time.


I will be writing more details on each of these seven C’s in weeks to come.

Blessings, Cindy