Staying Aligned


Strong times require strong alignment.

As many of you have noticed we are living in these strong times with the things happening in our world right now. Amidst our experience here, there is a new light manifesting into existence which is moving and stirring us in all sorts of ways. Issues are being brought up to the surface that need to be faced and cleared. Producing an “upgrading” of our being from the Soul, to the heart and all the way down to the cellular level.

This light can enable us to  have expanded awareness and to connect to All that is. All is well when we make a choice to align with the deep Love, God, the Oneness. Letting go of our human judgements and assumptions of how things are showing up in our life or how things are supposed to be. We are like radios and can use our tuning to decide what we will listen to. This is important because what we are listening to is where our consciousness will end up.

Self-responsibility is holding ourselves accountable for what we focus on. It is always an inside job. Not allowing the external world to determine how we think, feel, and express ourselves. The moment you notice that you have been taken off of your path, you can take steps to return back to yourself or inner alignment.

Here are some possible suggestions: 

Alignment:  Practice connecting to God, the One or Allah.

Attune: Tuning into the highest truth, love and mercy in each moment.

Awareness: Merging our human awareness with the Divine experience.

Ask: Ask for help. Make a sincere prayer from your heart.

Allow: Open, relax and receive all that is being sent from the Divine in every moment.

Attend: Join us for the new weekly group meditation!

If you have any questions about any of these steps, please see the other articles where many of them are explained.

These are times when each of us needs to take the steps to focus on what is important and take responsibility for our experiences.  May we all become the love, mercy, truth, and justice in our world.

Cindy Yasmine