The Most Important Relationship


The Most Important Relationship of Your Life

In all my years as a therapist, healer, teacher and spiritual traveler, I have found that there is one relationship that is the most profound and significant relationship. That most precious relationship comes down to the one with God, Source, Universal Spirit, Divine, the Higher Self, Oneness or however you prefer to acknowledge it.

This Source is not somewhere else. We are in it and it is within us. It surrounds us and sustains all of life. The Divine holding is loving, nurturing, trustworthy, wise, protective, safe, and contains all the teachings we are here to receive. When we are focused on the mental world, we often lose our contact or alignment, but even so, we are never separated from the Divine. The more you focus on and are interested in this Source, the more will be revealed to you. It is a relationship and in fact it requires our participation. We develop to be a container or vessel for this Divine to move through us. We consent and surrender to letting ourselves be transformed. Spiritual practice is part of that transformation.

Spiritual Practicetrans-earth-and-nature-crop

Spiritual practice is like learning to play a musical instrument or a sport. It requires time set aside every day to finely tune ourselves to feel Divine experience. As a Sufi master said “We are the instrument on which God plays its tune.”  Having a spiritual practice helps us to learn to relate with the Divine within us for the greatest good in our lives.

Inner Work

As with any relationship, working on ourselves is very important. Inner work allows us to clear distortions, old patterns, agendas of the ego, and other problems that we bring to this relationship. This allows for the higher, subtler energies to come through and for you to be able to perceive them clearly so that they can clearly inform and direct you.


The Divine Relationship is like no other because it is always there and can never go away.  There is infinite love, light and wisdom.  Assistance is available to you and all that you need to do is align, attune, ask, become aware and allow. Click Here to start learning how to deepen this relationship by turning within.

At this time, it is more import than ever to make space in your life for this important relationship.

Cindy Yasmine