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Committing To A Relationship


Committing To A Relationship

Commitment to Your Beloved:

The Second “C” of The Heart and Soul of Divine Relationships Series:
What does it mean to really commit to a relationship with your beloved?
How do you make a commitment even when they are not loving you the way you would like them to love you?
Are you moving closer to the love?
Are you committed to clearing the breaking of the Love?
Commitment is the sincere honoring, and sacredness with each other, a contract to working together to keep the relationship safe, secure and strong. It can also be a commitment to God. To having an authentic heart, holding your beloved in the love, to be together in the deepest way, purifying what’s not right between you, and to return to the love over-and-over again. It means showing up, even in the tough places, like when you want to get in shape, you go to the gym not once, but regularly. It means doing what you need to do until you have success: discussing the fears, the places that aren’t working, opening to the love, being gentle, and following through.
God brings the Divine truth, and the higher teachings into relationships. We are in a beautiful divine triangle with each of our hearts and God.
We need God’s help because God is the all-knowing, the all-just, the all-loving, and the all-fair. We offer our relationship to the nature of God because of this.
With commitment, God can help us know the qualities of the real love- a meeting of hearts, a place of one body, one heart, and one Soul- a real merging together.
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