Energy Work

Energy healing provides a powerful way to release the beliefs and emotions that keep you from living life from your heart. Energy healers have developed their intuition to sense where in your body your life force is blocked and then, by gently focusing on the block, help you to transform it. Intense experiences in your life have a lasting impact on your body often affecting the free flow of your energy, emotions and thoughts. Because our bodies are not separate from our mind and spirit, these blocks may appear as tightness, heaviness, or numbness as well as depression or anxiety. As these blocks are released your true Self emerges and fills your body with the qualities of compassion, courage and joy-the true essenceof your Being.

The Benefits of Energy Work:


  • Energy Healing clears blocked energies that have accumulated from years of unconscious fear-based belief systems
  • Leads you to discover hidden belief systems
  • Helps you bring truth and light to emotional and spiritual blocks


  • Soul Directed Awareness opens pathways to allow negative patterns to dissolve and release forever
  • Helps you restore balance and freedom at a cellular level and assists you in transforming your life


  • Helps you become conscious of the reasons energies were hidden
  • Self-awareness allows you to make conscious choices about your life
  • Empowers you to have hope and a new and inspired vision for your life
  • Helps you to believe in yourself again


  • You learn to love yourself, to forgive yourself and to be present


  • You recognize your sacredness and the oneness of all
  • Creates a sacred space for you to access your authentic spiritual nature

Cindy is an amazing energy healer and teacher….this has truly been one of the best three-day workshops I have ever attended. Thank you!

Client after a workshop